The Commute

The platform is wet from last nights rain
          but this morning
the sun has wove threads of gold
sewing itself to the soft cloud
a handful of people smile at tiny escaping strands of light
         the look of hope on their faces
scores of others turn away looking down
              cheekbones rigid with anguish
a reminder of the darkness in their life
and I’m people watching
wondering what type of person
          will sit next to me on today’s journey.

Thanks for taking the time to read this poem. It’s my first piece of 2022, I’ve been mega busy.

Take It Easy


Advent Calendar Haiku #10

We’re into double figures of days; that means only a fortnight left until Christmas Eve and the last of the Haiku Advent Calendar.

The days are going by far too fast to keep up with, I’ve still a few gifts to get! I hope I have enough time to finish my shopping.

So for day ten, the haiku is…

The starlings are perched
waiting for winter feed-balls;
watercolour sky.

Thanks for joining me and I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend. What plans do you have?

Take It Easy


(photo courtesy of Canva)