Advent Calendar Haiku #19

Welcome to day nineteen of the Haiku Advent Calendar. I hope you’re all well. The days are going by too quickly.

I’ve donned a Christmas jumper to take part in the regular writing group I attend today so I’m festive and warm, like a good mulled wine or cider.

Now for today’s haiku…

Starlings murmur like
prudes gossiping on bare trees;
the air is frozen.

Thanks for reading and joining me today. If you missed it I was part of the cast of the Christmas Episode of Eat The Storms Poetry Podcast yesterday if you want something to listen to today. The Spotify link is below;

Take It Easy


Advent Calendar Haiku #15

Happy Wednesday and Haiku Advent Calendar day fifteen to you. Hope you’re well and into the Christmas spirit. I know that I am.

Yesterday, apart from my Haiku, I also shared my poem ‘At Christmas’. That might help you get in your groove.

Today’s haiku is…

Melting icicles
fall like arrows to earth;
magpies scared silent.

Thanks for joining me today and remember to come back tomorrow for another day of the Haiku Advent Calendar.

If you would to read ‘At Christmas’, please click here.

Take It Easy


Advent Calendar Haiku #10

We’re into double figures of days; that means only a fortnight left until Christmas Eve and the last of the Haiku Advent Calendar.

The days are going by far too fast to keep up with, I’ve still a few gifts to get! I hope I have enough time to finish my shopping.

So for day ten, the haiku is…

The starlings are perched
waiting for winter feed-balls;
watercolour sky.

Thanks for joining me and I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend. What plans do you have?

Take It Easy


(photo courtesy of Canva)