Haiku & Shortform

Chimneys – A Haiku

indigo darkness
marauding across rooftops
chimneys breathe heavy

Here’s a little Monday evening haiku. The nights are setting in quickly now in Newcastle with some lovely shades of colour among the blackened blue.

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Haiku & Shortform

Summer’s Farewell Kiss A Haiku

honeysuckle breeze
taste of summer’s farewell kiss
bronze leaves fall in love

This haiku came to me when out in the garden and catching a faint scent of honeysuckle this afternoon.

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Haiku & Shortform

Haiku for Autumn

To celebrate the arrival of meteorological Autumn, here’s a little haiku.

leaves crack underfoot
honey-gold and warm bronze hues
autumn’s first rewards

I’d love to know your thoughts.

Haiku & Shortform

breaking the storm

clouded by dank fog
guided by wailing gulls
a ship clears the storm.

This was originally posted on my twitter @PaulWritesPoems without title or artwork. The original image was captured on the Northumberland coast in June 2020.

Haiku & Shortform


The flame glows brightly
a memory of life lost
burning out too fast.

Haiku & Shortform

Love Yourself

Curb your inner voice
it speaks in hateful language
always love yourself

Haiku & Shortform


Sleeves on grey wet eyes
rush to wipe away sorrow
rub the pain deeper

Haiku & Shortform

the fly

No more clapping palms.
A fly dead in shocked violence.
Silence falls. At last.

Haiku & Shortform

Hurt the Sky

Lightning pierces sky
wounding with crazed cruel intent
Thunder gives applause.