Advent Calendar Poem #7: Snow Tunes

Snow is falling 
it’s cold enough to settle
at minus 1 on the mercury
but it doesn’t stop
the brass band on the corner
playing classic carols
for all to enjoy
I find myself singing along
to The Holly and The Ivy
and it feels like Christmas
in my soul.

Thanks for reading the poem for day 7 of the Advent Calendar of Poems.

What’s your favourite classic carol?

Let me know in the comments…


Advent Calendar Haiku #16

Welcome to day sixteen of the Haiku Advent Calendar. How is everyone?

Have you bought all your gifts? Or are you shopping over the last weekend before Christmas?

Today’s haiku …

in moonlit snowfall,
carolers sang ‘Silent Night’;
footprints lost to time.

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you’re enjoying the Advent Calendar, and, can join me again tomorrow.

Take It Easy