the eagle majestic predator wings spread across the sky hunting for sport talons longing to decapitate the eagle despot scavenger frenzied eyes darting fervently gorging on forsaken carrion talons longing for liberation from the earth Thanks for taking the time to read my poem. Take it easy & stay safe. Paul

A Lesson in Falling

In my younger years i was always afraid of falling down but fear has been replacedwith a potent intoxicating euphoriawhen this planetary mass of mine descends with thunderous precisionor occasional feather-light bedlam when cloth & skin & flesh encounter earthi revel in the writhing ofreverting to verticalitysafe in the knowledge thatany bloomed bruises or scratched […]

Sunday morning rituals

of filter coffee and croissants warm and buttery lazily absorbing Saturday’s news through inked fingers and papercutswhilst audibly inhaling songs from the twentieth century we wear chunky scratching knits and chunkier cotton socks that fill well worn walking shoes with rusted suede uppers we fill noisy metal bottles with water filtered through plastic beads then […]

Crimson Treacle

she wears a noose of silveraround her throatSt. Christopher lays flatfeigning protection the blood on her chincloys like syrupbut her tonguetastes like rust and copper she exhales pleasuresensually chewingtorn tendons and soft fleshagainst carefully crafted teeth arrogantlyshe smirksallowing more treacle to comfort her chingargling on voracious words‘if he had a silver noose around his neckhe […]

Things Will Get Better – A Poem for World Mental Health Day

the feat of self-propulsion from one’s bed whilst the sludge of self-repulsion is coursing through one’s head is an extremely powerful thing to do through mumbled words and scratching sobsthe step taken to share your thoughtswith anotherwhether it be friends, family, stranger or loveris a monument of courage think of it, as like learning a […]

Euthanasia of a Business

The knife lays flatagainst an aging oak chopping boardsurrounded by it’s own memoriescarved through slashes and slicesmy eyes scour the glistening blade a calm silver matching the solitary teardropgliding down my face the noir neoprene handle stares back in disdainlike an amputated limb ready for disposalthe last thing sliced was a tomato blood red and […]

Autumn’s Blanket

the bronze leavesare tenderly hurtlingto the forest floora patchwork quilt ofmisfortune and malaisesewn and laidby rattling clunking guststhe ash, beech and birchsuccumbto their own stark beauty This poem was originally published on my Instagram/Twitter to celebrate National Poetry Day Thanks for reading.


The encouragement of an ochre sunrise delivering the day subtly and slowly floods my soul with the sensation of contentment the belief of opportunity to live better than yesterday to improve our worldthrough words and actionsloving more and loathing lessbeing kinder by choicenot necessity. And when the lipstick sunset kisses the sky i want it […]

An Early Date

A cornflower skylittered haphazardlywith spluttering wispypearls housing an effortless sunwatched over usas we dangled and droppedtwigs of beech, ash and elminto the dawdling waters belowour knees planted porous on the sandstone bridgeabsorbing some of it’s historyour eyes followed the branches ferrying along the riverstroking and slapping against limestone and basaltwe were quiet and thoughtfulwondering where […]

Sports Mixture & The Sun

I was 11 years old buying the Sun on behalf of my Dad anticipating 50p worth of sports mixture with the change a boy i recognised my sister’s age 7 years old trying to buy 20 Silk Cut and 2 litres Cideron behalf of his Dadstrugglingunder the weightof expectation a man40-ish years oldtrying to providefor […]


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