A Poem To Remember Her Majesty The Queen

The bells toll in your memory, soft and enduring, a portrait of your life, and dedication to the kingdom; your majesty, witnessed by all – when the weight of the crown was placed upon you, as you carried our country, from the shadow of war, to the light of a new world. In the dark […]

Comfortably Numb

I’m lost in thought drifting among the raindrops feet bare and numb on the lawn a natural anaesthesia that I’ve surrendered to. This is a small poem to get me back into the swing of things. I hope you enjoy it and you can find the meaning in the words. Thanks for taking the time […]

The Night People

The rhubarb and custard floating fish, always call for me – at a minute past midnight to take me to the Night People; deep above the violet vertigo clouds where I join the citizens to sip starlight, and cavort with the moon; while the Queen hosts dice games, that she never wins and rarely loses, […]


The strawberry patch in full bloom scarlet gems ripe with summer’s flavour under the dewy heat of the sun they are temptation a picture of beauty yet hide an ugly truth for the red jewels have hidden chips and cracks botched heists by starlings, swifts and finches my treasure lost for another year. Thanks for […]


Throat raw with grief or is it the whiskey each fuelling the other like oceans feed storms and storms feed oceans. blue volcanoes push magma down my face but instead of sulphur it’s the sodium that burns they say applying pressure on coal gives you a diamond the weight of your loss cuts with clarity […]


White chalk graffiti on innocent azure sky careless corruption ******* I hope you enjoyed this haiku, it’s been a while since I’ve practised my short-form writing. Feel free to have a look around my other work too. Take It Easy, Paul


Golden sands were painted coal-dust black the day I found the flint it called to me like a flame draws a moth I knew then my purpose but setting the world ablaze doesn’t come easy often fires splutter out sparks and embers fade before they become effective so I became patient striking the firestone when […]

Carry On

Weather-beaten hands struggle against the pulling weight of age and future fiefdoms he tries gallantly to slow the beat of time measuring success in only the moments a smile touches his lips staring into her eyes. Thanks for taking the time to read my poem; I genuinely appreciate it. Please feel free to leave comments […]

Chaotic Romance

I’m lost in the chaos and romance of the jazz playing through my headphones mainlining wordless wisdom straight to my brain the addiction took over me in a past existence Coltrane, Davis and The Dave Brubeck Quartet imprinted my bloodstream let my feet and fingers tap and head sway whether frenzied or not I don’t […]


Streets glowingamber  in the lamplit haze our feet firm on the cobbled quay adrenaline anchoring the buzz  delivered in the bottle of wine  sunk in the taxi  as we cruised into town all captains of our destiny awe-wide eyes moving like beacons with crested grins plastered on faces  taking in the scene anticipating tonight’s chicanery […]


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