The Sculptor

My palms are worn leatherhandling hammer and chisel the sinew in my forearms is taut carrying marble creates strength my neck stands tired yet agile from always looking upwards but my days of crafting pedestals is over so I’ll wait for my body to reset and return to an even keel the cost of marble […]

Autumn & I

I welcome Autumn as she drapes me in a blanket of bronze and straw-gold whispering seductive sweet promises of late lavender sunrises and delicious red sunsets she mentions velvet night-skies flecked with tiny diamonds and an occasional silent symphony by the Northern Lights even the rain softens under her presence guiding acorns to ground while […]


Hi everyone, I would like to share some big news. A few weeks ago, I was asked by the amazingly talented poet Damien B. Donnelly, who also runs Eat the Storms poetry podcast to join him to read some of my poems on his show. Finally, I was able to free up some time and […]


The last of the dahlias were picked last weekruby red, imperial, majestic they ruled the garden so to let them drown in the relentless October rain would have been be sacrilege instead we slipped them into a glass-vase comakeeping them alive until scarlet turned to rust and petals slipped away and we were ready to […]

The Bench At The Harbour

We sat under a steady autumn sky watching the tiny acts of rebellion as young clouds broke away from old grey from white, white from greyand the sun threw firecrackers at the surface of the sea silent, straw-gold crackling amid the calm we stole glances from each other as the tender harbour breeze kisses our […]

Ricard’s Fall

His midnight-blue suit was sharp and shoes were polished. He flipped his lucky coin. Heads. He felt good. To the casino it was. He walked outside into the winter air, blowing rings resembling sleeping dragons. The higher they floated, the more they grew. The car pulled up. Tonight he was using the Silver Phantom, his […]


I write in the marginsbecause I used to live therean oddity, an anomaly, a correctionwasting valuable space on the page until the margins becametoo tight to breathe intoo tight to survive inso I leaked into the rest of the pagesharing my words with othersfinding friendship and love. I write in the marginsbecause the margins made me. […]

Celebrating Being Published in Daily Drunk!!!

I’m so happy to share my news!!! I have been lucky to be selected to be published in the Daily Drunk for my poem ‘The Off-Vengers’. It’s a poem based on if the characters from The US Office were cast in the roles of some of The Avengers. Check it out using the link below; […]

The Last Days Of Summer

Soft-boiled sky spread thin on the horizon the sun’s rising later each day maroon leaves and falling horse chestnuts betray the arrival of an early August autumn we were too cloud-drenched to notice too caught up in our own microclimates to care but I welcome the new season and the spectrum of flickering flames and […]

Welcoming Back The Wild Things

I stopped watching the newsafter the third week of decimating deathand morbid press briefingsit had become statistically gratuitous instead, I watched the playing fields opposite the front door start to overgrowwelcoming back the wild things – discarded council lawns no longer littered by kids from the secondary school and couples walking their dogs – I […]


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