Fire Escape

The flames weren’t suffocating it was the walls and when they crumbled under the honey-gold furnace of freedom my claustrophobia burnt to cinder feeding the land renewed life growing vines to reach out to the world. It’s been a while since I posted a poem to my site, I’ve been very busy with other projects, […]

The Forgotten Man

frayed around the edges and collecting dust his origami life is static folds dulling into uncertainty he occupies the space between existing and fading into the background. Hey, thanks for reading my poem today. I hope you’re doing well. If you liked this poem, why not check out some of my other work on the […]

The Future Haunts

The spectre of my future is drifting outside my window watching me its gaze gently averted by blossom on the breeze. It feels good to share a poem after so long. I am currently working on a couple of projects and submissions at the moment and I’ll be sharing some details in the coming weeks. […]

Hope Rage Sunflowers – A Poetry Anthology to Raise Funds for Ukraine

Hi everybody. Something slightly different from me today. Anja, a poet friend of mine has put together an anthology to raise funds for victims of the Ukraine war. Donations are on a pay-as-you-can basis and made to a charity based in Berlin providing aid to refugees. Once a donation has been made, email or DM […]

Hope Can Be Heavy

Brothers and sister, strangers and friends,  like a sad smile on lips  – hope can be heavy.   Let us sit and talk, of better times gone by, of better times to come. If you are weary – lay your head on my broad shoulders, and let the hope that built them, cushion your hearts and […]

Secret Admirers

There’s a touch of romance in the garden the fence posts led by coy breezes in a gentle dance between secret admirers until the mood turns and the wind becomes belligerent destroying something beautiful simply because – it can. ****************** Thanks for taking the time to read my poem today, I hope you enjoyed it. […]


I welcome the storm she’s an old friend kissing fire into my lungs until I’m breathless they blame her for destruction but I simply offer thanks for breaking down the clutter in my mind giving me focus. Thanks for taking the time to read my poem. It has been a while since I’ve posted however […]


A gang of indigo clouds are swaggering across the flamingo-pink skies this morning distracting everyone’s gaze it takes a while for the greyness of conformity to rush in and chase the hope of daybreak away in the mire, we stand sinking in acceptance of the now wishing, we were those indigo clouds moving on from […]

Crime Writing Class

For Christmas, my wife bought me a Crime Writing Class from CityLit. I’m just over halfway through and it’s fantastic. I feel like I’ve learned so much already. It’s weekly over zoom and we receive peer feedback on our writing.  One of the pieces of homework was a 250-piece monologue from a villain’s perspective after […]

Morbid Voyeur

The sneering wind flays the sycamore tree of limp, weak-willed branches and their lichen tapestries – pearl and straw-yellow while I stand watching, a voyeur of death and violence the wind doesn’t want me to watch howls at me to turn away howls of shame howls of embarrassment howls of guilt It ramps things up […]


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