Winter Walk

Zero degrees C in the peak of midwinter we wrapped up warm in wool and polyester pulled on our boots thick with suede upper and gripping rubber soles primed and ready to walk the forestits floor frosted whiteglamourising the natural litter of fallen acorns and amber needleswe held each others hand through our scandi grey […]

Poem Published in Stymie!!!

Just a quick post to say that I had a poem that has been published in Stymie Online Journal. The poem is called Small Hall Wrestling and is based on a time I went to see a small wrestling promotion at a sports hall when I was younger. If you want to check it out, […]

Looking Through The Window

On Wednesday morningwith my eyes closedI looked through the windowand listened –  to –the natural percussionof pouring raindrummingagainst mottled flagstonescreating a cacophony of calmin the storm of my mind not quite serenitybut not far off. I hoped you enjoyed reading this poem. Feel free to have a look at my other work or leave a […]

Christmas Eve

on christmas eve i like to sing along to the christmas songs of yesteryear when the gifts are wrapped neat little bows twinkling under lights from the tree aromas of spice, pine & mulled wine filling the house scented memories connecting us all even though we may be apart. have a wonderful christmasand an incredible […]

December Nights

finding comfort in a chunky knit sweaterand sherpa-lined sockshands clasped around my favourite mugthe steamy scent of hot ginger winewaltzing in the airwith the aroma of an oud wood candlewhile the crackle of beechwoodburning on the tvsoothes selflesslythe hardest choice I haveis deciding what book to get lost in. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed […]


the vowel slides tempestuously across a surface of smoked glass a dusty trail of powdered debris cleaned by pushing taut fingers while slight fingers scrabble to pick it up chemically engineered ecstasy found in a seedy front room only five quid a pill for a few hours happiness but what’s the real cost?

The Display

remember that time you had fun watching the fireworks fly rivers of light flowing across the sky whilst a tower of kindling burned nearby well aware the scent would wrap around your clothes inhaling the ashen smoke through a crimpled nose sipping hot chocolate with friends by your side watching people queue to gorge on […]


the eagle majestic predator wings spread across the sky hunting for sport talons longing to decapitate the eagle despot scavenger frenzied eyes darting fervently gorging on forsaken carrion talons longing for liberation from the earth Thanks for taking the time to read my poem. Take it easy & stay safe. Paul

A Lesson in Falling

In my younger years i was always afraid of falling down but fear has been replacedwith a potent intoxicating euphoriawhen this planetary mass of mine descends with thunderous precisionor occasional feather-light bedlam when cloth & skin & flesh encounter earthi revel in the writhing ofreverting to verticalitysafe in the knowledge thatany bloomed bruises or scratched […]

Sunday morning rituals

of filter coffee and croissants warm and buttery lazily absorbing Saturday’s news through inked fingers and papercutswhilst audibly inhaling songs from the twentieth century we wear chunky scratching knits and chunkier cotton socks that fill well worn walking shoes with rusted suede uppers we fill noisy metal bottles with water filtered through plastic beads then […]


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