Question The Campaign

Meeting Minutes for Monday 1 March between CEO  & Head of Campaigns  “What’s our campaign this week?” “Maybe – tackling food poverty?” “That’ll raise the charity’s profile and brand, yeah?” “We’ll use some vloggers to tell people how to eat and budget properly and create some hashtags, perhaps?” “How about telling people to use Food […]

Late Winter Sky

Wisps of cirrus Scattered haphazardly On a cornflower sky Petal-like drifters Carried by the crawl-breeze  To their destined horizon Matching the sun’s cool stare In the false February spring. Thanks for taking the time to read my poem, I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave any comments. Take it Easy, Paul

Time on The Tussock

Sometimes I retreat To the sunken underside Of the floating island Called my lifeA mollusc amongst the reeds Enjoying the pulsing silence And gentle tidal caress Feeling a weightless world On my shoulders. Thanks for taking the time to read this poem, you can find more of my work on this site. Have a Great […]

Welcome to Spring

Verdant missilesLaunching through the cracksOf grim concrete slabsThe colour of the Cold WarAnd dictatorshipsSeasonal insurrectionStarting early this yearThe revolution is here – And the climate changed. I wrote this piece as an experiment. I would love to hear your thoughts. Take it easy, Paul (image via Canva)

Weekends At The Club

Quid in the jukebox The Jam, Bowie, Queen, Elvis –Presley – not Costello grass-green baizetorn and twisted in placestwenty pence a shotfree on Saturday afternoon when it’s a fiver-a-man tournamentwinner takes allno chalk for the cues though footy on the telly screenspiracy definitelywe don’t complain it’s the best pint in townand they do pork scratchings […]

Tea Break

like a custard cream dipped into a cup of tea this poem – has fell apart. I made this whilst taking a break from writing dialogue. I thought it was quite funny. If you’re looking for a quick read, why not check out Killing Time in NYC. Take it easy everyone, Paul

That Shirt

that thick cotton shirtshade of  deep midnightwith moon-silver thread glistening ethereal under streetlightswearing itfelt celestialso I only wore it oncefor our first datedrinks and pizzalooking at each otherover red gingham clothand flickering candlewax dripping downan empty bottleof last week’shouse wineconversation mostly answersto silent questionsasked with eyesand the curve ofnervous lipsI tried to be a gentlemanand pull […]

Killing Time In NYC

There was nothing ornate or sparkly about the dagger in her hand. It was her instrument of death. The blade was fatally sharp and coated in black oxide to prevent any glints from flashing in the restroom mirror that may alert her target. She had learned that bruising lesson in Berlin a couple of years […]

What Is A Fire Without Flame?

a dispassionate moundof glaucous ashthe warmth lostready to die outat any moment or rather a scattering of embersthe reminder of warmthwe sharedwhen flames flickered in frivolitykissing and caressingkindling and coalwhen white,gold and ochredancedas strong as they could for as long as they couldto the gentle chaotic rhythm of cracklingshades of silver in the hearthsilently whisperingLive Life […]


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