Welcome to Spring

Verdant missiles
Launching through the cracks
Of grim concrete slabs
The colour of the Cold War
And dictatorships
Seasonal insurrection
Starting early this year
The revolution is here –
And the climate changed.

I wrote this piece as an experiment. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Take it easy,


(image via Canva)



we mourned all summer
when they decimated the woodland
murdered ash, oak, sycamore & beech
all in the pursuit of profit
the lives lost from the hedgerow
collateral damage to make capital gains
no concern for refugees
concrete foundations poisoned the rich earth
bracken & bleeding brambles scythed down
by strong yellow tanks
cheerful and bright grim reapers
sullying soil and sod
bricks, mortar, slate & glass
now occupying forces
and in final insult
they named the new avenues and boulevards
after the casualties they inflicted
not in memoriam
but as a warning
that in wars
between man and nature
man will win
because man’s nature is death.