Advent Calendar Haiku #9

Welcome back, it’s day nine of the Haiku Advent Calendar and we can almost talk about the weekend.

I’ll be putting my tree up and decorating but there’s still plenty of time to think about that.

Now for today’s haiku …

The gritters are out
combatting strong Arctic blasts;
roast beef for dinner.

Take It Easy


Advent Calendar Haiku #8

Where is the time going? It’s day eight of the Haiku Advent Calendar and I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already.

Today’s haiku was written in annoyance that no matter how hard I try I am sometimes (actually oftentimes) clumsy such as breakfast today.

So without further ado…

My Nordic jumper
is stained with clementine juice;
sleet flurries outside.

Have you had any mishaps so far this December? Let me know.

Take It Easy