Time on The Tussock

Sometimes I retreat
To the sunken underside
Of the floating island
Called my life
A mollusc amongst the reeds
Enjoying the pulsing silence
And gentle tidal caress
Feeling a weightless world
On my shoulders.

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Have a Great Day & Take it Easy,



An Early Date

A cornflower sky
littered haphazardly
with spluttering wispypearls
housing an effortless sun
watched over us
as we dangled and dropped
twigs of beech, ash and elm
into the dawdling waters below
our knees planted
on the sandstone bridge
absorbing some of it’s history
our eyes followed
the branches ferrying
along the river
stroking and slapping
against limestone and basalt
we were quiet and thoughtful
wondering where they’d end up
wondering where we’d end up
and although sometimes
silence can be deafening
on that day
the silent moments we shared
only spoke of our serenity
with each other.

Like the river
we’ll continue our meander.


The Craver

I am a craver of chaos
Isn’t everyone?

Those who say no
should skim a pebble
living every ripple
feeling every bo
as two worlds collide
in a fizzing
sploshing crescendo.

It intoxicates.
It liberates.