Streets glowingamber 
in the lamplit haze
our feet firm on the cobbled quay
adrenaline anchoring the buzz 
delivered in the bottle of wine 
sunk in the taxi 
as we cruised into town
all captains of our destiny
awe-wide eyes moving like beacons
with crested grins plastered on faces 
taking in the scene 
anticipating tonight’s chicanery
and tomorrow's dark storm of a hangover
we let the wind push us forward 
       -  surrendering to the city.

Thanks for taking the time to read Captains, inspired by the awe of my first night out in a city.

Feel free to leave any comments or critique you may have.

Take It Easy


Wetland Character Building

I almost drowned once
down near the mill
swimming the current of the Coquet
three quarters of the way across
my legs lost power
against the undertow
I’m lucky Peck kept his eyes on me
as the river reeds
wrapped around ankles
my head bobbing up and down
like a braeburn on bonfire night
and the rest of the boys
jumped back in
like working-class Hasselhoffs
and pulled me to the side
they were much stronger swimmers than me

a quick rest and pat on the back
spitting up some of the river
then swigging back
some calming Carling
the realisation – dawned on me –
I had to swim back
facing a new fear head on
because backstroke was no good
I’m lucky I’ve got such great mates
we swam back together
like geese fly
    – in formation –
reaching the riverbank’s safety
and although my swimming didn’t improve that day
my character did.

Thanks for taking the time to read my poem, an autobiographical piece of my younger days.

Hope you liked it and if you did, feel free to leave a comment.

Take It Easy

Paul x