A Poem To Remember Her Majesty The Queen

The bells toll in your memory,
soft and enduring,
a portrait of your life,
and dedication to the kingdom;
your majesty, witnessed by all 
- when the weight of the crown 
was placed upon you,
as you carried our country,
from the shadow of war,
to the light of a new world. 

In the dark days,
you were there,
a pillar in our lives, 
picking up your people, 
when we were down,
with wise words and warm eyes,
the epitome of a true Queen. 

Throughout it all,
you showed courage, grace and decorum,
with a smile so bright, 
it coloured the dullest of spaces,
with a renowned wit and humour,
sharper than the swords,
you used to cut your cakes. 

Now your duty is complete,
and the burden you bravely held is lifted,
may your spirit soar,
Prince Philip is waiting,
for the next part of your journey. 

Rest In Peace Your Majesty. 


Like many, I was saddened at the loss of The Queen. A lady who took the weight of more than 15 nations on her shoulders at a young age, reigning over 70 years. She was a monarch and matriarch who served not only Britain and the Commonwealth but also the world. She resonated with so many as so many grew up with her presence; as my mam said, The Queen was like the nation’s Gran, a thought echoed by many. She will be missed.

Thanks for reading.

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