The Night People

The rhubarb and custard floating fish,
always call for me 
- at a minute past midnight 
to take me to the Night People;
deep above the violet vertigo clouds
where I join the citizens to sip starlight,
and cavort with the moon;
while the Queen hosts dice games,
that she never wins and rarely loses,
just enjoying being among her subjects.

When I bid farewell, 
I sleep peacefully.

I’m currently experimenting with some different poetry styles, and this mystical-inspired poetry was originally entered into the Dai Fry competition. Although I was unsuccessful in being longlisted, I thought I would share my work with you all.

How are you all? I hope you’re keeping well and enjoying the summer wherever you are in the world (unless it’s a different season where you are!).

Take it easy and have a great day


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